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Research is the basis of our work in developing novel antibody-analytics pipelines. We publish the results of our work in collaboration with leading academic and industrial partners. You can see our publications below.


Computational approaches to therapeutic antibody design: established methods and emerging trends

Review of databases and computational tools in the antibody discovery and analytics ecosystem. It provides an overview of the opportunities in employing computational tools in identifying novel antibody-based therapeutics.


Data mining patented antibody sequences

Analysis of the contents of our Patented Antibody Database. We demonstrate that majority of patent documents containing antibody sequences have a medical purpose and that there is a close sequence-identity correspondence between squences in patents and clinical use. Therefore, patented antibody sequences could provide a reflection of engineering choices in the design of monoclonal antibody therapies.


Looking for therapeutic antibodies in next-generation sequencing repositories

We demonstrated that it is possible to find very close matches to antibody therapeutics in clinical use and millions of naturally-sourced antibodies. It provides a theoretical foundation that such naturally-sourced repertoires can be mined for viable therapeutics.


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Antibody-specific patent search engine for faster design of antibody therapeutics

By accessing antibody data in patent documents via NaturalAntibody infrastructure, researchers can accelerate the antibody development process. They can quickly check whether the sequence they’re working on has already been developed by another company and use data stored in patents to study similar antibodies with their targets and engineering properties.

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NaturalAntibody appoints ex-AstraZeneca CFO Jakob Saga as Chief Commercial Officer

NaturalAntibody appoints ex-AstraZeneca CFO Jakob Saga as Chief Commercial Officer

​​We have fantastic news to share today - Jakob Saga joined NaturalAntibody as Chief Commercial Officer! Mr. Saga has over 12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, working as a Finance Manager and CFO in globally renowned companies. His business acumen and expert knowledge are going to support our team in realizing our mission of accelerating antibody-based drug discovery to deliver life-saving therapeutics faster.

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