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We are facilitating existing therapeutic pipelines in pharma companies with advanced bioinformatics solutions.

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NaturalAntibody provides data and analytics solutions to facilitate the process of engineering antibody-based therapeutics. We collect, integrate, and repurpose antibody data points across public and proprietary repositories to learn about antibody structure, function and diversity. We employ this knowledge to inform the design of therapeutic antibodies on individual and repertoire level.

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Antibody Database

A curated and comprehensive database that integrates antibody data points from all major sources, from scientific publications and patents to the GenBank sequence database and next-generation sequencing repositories.

Increase your speed with easy access to antibody data that is no longer fragmented or non-standardized. Benefit from antibody-specific searches and draw novel conclusions about the biology of antibodies thanks to smart data integrations.

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Antibody Analytics

Using data from the Antibody Database, we develop AI models connecting the dots and generating insights about antibody developability, immunogenicity binding, and other features. AI-based analytics helps teams easily discover the advantages of individual candidate antibodies and stratify Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) or phage display outputs. By providing data-driven insights into antibodies, our rich analytics toolkit opens the doors to accelerating therapeutics pipelines.

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NA Platform

NaturalAntibody is an artificial intelligence-based platform that allows in silico discovery and design of antibodies. It combines the comprehensive Antibody Database with Antibody Analytics for predicting antibody characteristics such as immunogenicity, mutability, and developability. Using the Platform, you can quickly check if a given sequence was observed in any of the covered databases, find a similar sequence with legal protection, or leverage antibody data for predictive tasks such as mapping the mutational diversity, immunogenicity or developability of antibodies.