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We are unlocking the power of data-driven predictive methods for antibody therapeutic industry.

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Our story

NaturalAntibody was founded by Konrad Krawczyk, who spent the last decade researching computational approaches for enhancing the design of antibody-based therapeutics. The collaborations with leading academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies opened his eyes to the value of antibody data. Researchers can use this data to create advanced computational models promising to accelerate therapeutic antibody design and drug discovery processes.

This provided the foundation for NaturalAntibody, a company that focuses on collecting, generating, and analyzing antibody data to enable end-to-end computational discovery of novel biotherapeutics.

Our vision

“Data-driven predictive methods open the doors to faster discovery”

The potential of antibodies as biotherapeutics is undeniable. But to harness it, we need to deepen our understanding of the unique features that make them into versatile binders. At NaturalAntibody, we believe that computational methods are going to unlock the new depths of that potential, helping us to deliver new drugs to clinical use faster.Today, computational methods are mature enough to facilitate therapeutic antibody development and are employed by industry leaders. These solutions build upon over three decades of research that generated plenty of data on antibody activity. Using modern technologies, we can reap benefits from these rich data resources and create advanced statistical models to design, analyze, and optimize novel antibody therapeutics.

Executive Board

President of the Board

Konrad Krawczyk, PhD.

The architect behind the leading computational antibody platform at the University of Oxford, Konrad is an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Denmark and CEO at NaturalAntibody. He is a recognized authority in computational antibody design and analysis, having served as a consultant on bioinformatic antibody issues to top research institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

Vice President of the Board

Kamil Sabatowski

An experienced manager with a proven track record in the tech industry, Kamil is currently deepening his knowledge in the Executive MBA program from the University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada. He formerly served as the COO at Sunscrapers, one of the leading software companies on the European market. He also advised and executed a product development strategy for a biotech company in London, UK.

Member of the Board

Michał Krawczyk

Michał is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder with several successful projects under his belt, such as Patronite and Inbio. He has vast experience in funding and scaling multiple tech ventures in highly specialized areas such as machine learning and cybersecurity. Michał holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Warsaw.