NaturalAntibody appoints Dr. Sonia Wróbel as Senior Product Manager

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    We have great news to share - Dr. Sonia Wróbel joined NaturalAntibody as Senior Product Manager! Dr. Wróbel has over 6 years of experience in the biotechnology industry across a range of business roles. As a holder of both doctoral and MBA degrees, Dr. Wróbel has experience in bringing complex scientific products to market. She is going to support our team in realizing our mission of accelerating antibody-based drug discovery to deliver life-saving therapeutics faster.

    “I have shared NaturalAntibody’s belief that truly innovative in silico products will transform the way we develop new therapeutics. I look forward to doing what I’m most passionate about - translating the latest advancements in science and technology into value addressing the pharmaceutical industry's most urgent challenges. I’m delighted to join the NaturalAntibody team and to be part of a science-based company that harnesses world-class bioinformatics and AI solutions to accelerate the drug discovery process,”

    said Dr. Wróbel.

    At NaturalAntibody, Dr. Wróbel will be responsible for managing the product portfolio and analyzing industry requirements to ensure that NaturalAntibody delivers value and solves the most significant problems of its customers. Bridging the gap between tech and business teams will be another key responsibility of Dr. Wróbel.

    Commenting on the appointment, the CEO and founder of NaturalAntibody, Konrad Krawczyk, said: “We are excited to have Sonia on board to support our product development initiatives. With her extensive industry experience, Sonia will play a key role in bringing our solutions to market and supporting the growth of our company.”

    “We’re pleased to welcome Sonia on board of NaturalAntibody. She represents a unique mix of domain expertise, a great understanding of technical aspects, and a client-facing approach focused on delivering real value constantly. This is exactly what a company needs to transform a piece of software into a source of valuable insights that disrupts the way communities benefit from IT solutions,”

    said Kamil Sabatowski, Vice President of the Management Board at NaturalAntibody.

    Prior to joining NaturalAntibody, Dr. Wróbel held several senior roles at Big Pharma and biotechnology companies developing R&D projects using AI, visual data analysis, and bioinformatics. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Bioinformatics from Jagiellonian University and an MBA degree from the Polish Academy of Sciences and Utah Valley University (Specialization: Innovation and Data Analysis).