NaturalAntibody partners with Icosagen Cell Factory to accelerate antibody discovery

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    28.06.2022 - NaturalAntibody, the leading bioinformatics company accelerating antibody discovery with AI-based products for the pharma industry, has launched a partnership with Icosagen Cell Factory (CRDMO) - experts in discovering and producing antibodies with pharma companies. Icosagen has custom-tailored services from discovery, hit-to-lead finding, pre-clinical candidate selection and up to early clinical candidate development.

    The partnership between NaturalAntibody and Icosagen aims to improve the process of discovery of therapeutic antibodies, completing it with computer-powered analytics charged with a unique set of “prediction-first” data.

    Combining NaturalAntibody’s cutting-edge in silico platform and Icosagen’s proprietary technologies into one comprehensive Antibody Discovery Platform will allow guiding customers from research ideas to an optimized and validated biotherapeutic candidate ready for the clinic. The continuous feedback between the results of wet laboratory and in silico experiments is crucial to obtaining the best possible quality of AI prediction.

    “NaturalAntibody's AI algorithms and the world's largest harmonized Antibody Database combined with Icosagen Cell Factory’s experimental datasets and wet laboratory validation will enable faster and more effective verification of biological hypotheses, translating into a shorter path of providing new therapies for patients,”

    said Konrad Krawczyk, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at NaturalAntibody.

    Icosagen Cell Factory’s Chief Scientific Officer Mart Ustav Jr. said: "We are looking forward to the partnership with NaturalAntibody. For years machine learning has been a promising approach to accelerate drug lead generation, now we are excited to bring that promise closer by combining our vast experimental insight of biologic drug development with leading AI algorithms of NaturalAntibody."

    “Through the partnership, NaturalAntibody will boost the AI-reinforced Antibody Design Platform with Icosagen’s tailored experiments to provide clients with the most promising antibody drug candidates. Combining expertise in these two complementary areas of designing therapeutic antibodies allows the data to be translated into real therapeutic strategies,” said Kamil Sabatowski, Vice President of the Board at NaturalAntibody.