NaturalAntibody appoints ex-AstraZeneca CFO Jakob Saga as Chief Commercial Officer

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Welcome aboard, Jakob!

We have fantastic news to share today - Jakob Saga joined NaturalAntibody as Chief Commercial Officer! Mr. Saga has over 12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, working as a Finance Manager and CFO in globally renowned companies. His business acumen and expert knowledge are going to support our team in realizing our mission of accelerating antibody-based drug discovery to deliver life-saving therapeutics faster.

“By joining NaturalAntibody, I follow my passion for helping patients with technologies that accelerate and enhance the process of drug development. NaturalAntibody shows outstanding potential here, and I’m thrilled to become part of this team of experts,” said Mr. Saga.

At NaturalAntibody, Mr. Saga will be responsible for the entire commercial area of the company, including business development and structuring partnership opportunities. Most importantly, he will bridge the gap between the world of top-notch science and real-life business cases, allowing NaturalAntibody to understand the expectations and needs of big pharma and biotech firms better.

Commenting on the appointment, the CEO and founder of NaturalAntibody, Konrad Krawczyk, said:

“We are excited to have Jakob as our new Chief Commercial Officer. With his extensive industry experience, Jakob will play a key role in bringing our solutions to market, delivering critical business targets, and supporting the growth of our company.”
“We already have the privilege of providing solutions that bring real value to the process of preclinical research on antibody-based drugs. Jakob’s role at NaturalAntobody is focused on building a better understanding of business needs so that R&D innovations translate into real profits for pharmaceutical companies. Continuous improvement of this approach and the emphasis on delivering business value is what connected Jakob to NaturalAntibody.”

said Kamil Sabatowski, Vice President of the Management Board at NaturalAntibody.

Previous roles

Prior to joining NaturalAntibody, Mr. Saga held several senior roles at Roche and previously served as Chief Financial Officer at AstraZeneca across Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Greece, and Azerbaijan, in the past also realizing projects for the American, Chinese, and Indian markets.